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2002 FIFA World Cup PSX ISO (U)

2002 FIFA World Cup cover
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EA sports
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2002 FIFA World Cup was the second EA Sports official World Cup Soccer computer game created by EA Canada and Acclaim Studios Manchester for all stage Intelligent Games for PS2, Xbox, Windows, and GameCube stage and Tose Software for GameCube ported and distributed by EA Sports in North America and Europe and distributed by Electronic Arts Square in Japan.

How to download and play:
• Use MEGA downloader through browser (Bandwidth limit) or bypass it using Mega sync app.
• Extract the rar file.
• Run the PSX emulator and open the .iso in the extracted folder to play.
• If you have any questions about downloading see our FAQs page.

Recommended emulator (PCSX)

2002 FIFA World Cup screenshot 1

2002 FIFA World Cup screenshot 2

2002 FIFA World Cup screenshot 3


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