Pokemon Sun (Region free) [Decrypted] 3DS ROM

Pokemon Sun Cover

Pokemon Sun Decrypted ROM

Name – Pokemon Sun
Size – 2.99 GB
Genre – Role-Playing
Developers – Game Freak
Languages – Multilanguage
Date of Release – November 18, 2016

Description –
Pokemon Sun is a Role-Playing game created by Game Freak and distributed by The Pokemon Company.They are the main portions of the seventh era of Pokemon games. In accordance with celebrating the establishment’s 20th commemoration.

How to download and play:

  • Extract each file using Winrar archive.
  • Once done, the 3ds decrypted file will appear.
  • Open up Citra.
  • Load the game file to play.
  • Poof! Done!! Enjoy!!! 😀


Pokemon Sun (Citra Decrypted) - Screenshot 1

Pokemon Sun (Citra Decrypted) - Screenshot 2

Pokemon Sun (Citra Decrypted) - Screenshot 3


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