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Digimon World 3 ROM Cover

Digimon World 3 ROM (U) PlayStation One/PS1/PSX ROM

Digimon World 3 ROM

Name – Digimon World 3 ROM

Size – 414 MB

Genre – Role-playing

Developers – BEC, Boom Corp.

Languages – Multilingual

Date of Release – June 5, 2002

Description –
Digimon World 3 is an Role-playing game with two primary modes available in game play: an overhead map and the battle scenes. The player can explore a 3D world using a representative avatar, the player can build up to 3 party of monsters to be bought in turn-based battle.

How to download and play:

  1. Download and extract the rar file using any file archiver software.
  2. Run your PSX (Play Station 1) emulator.
  3. Open the extracted BIN file to your PSX emulator.
  4. Play! Enjoy!!


Digimon World 3 ROM Screenshot 1

Digimon World 3 PSX ISO Screenshot 2

Digimon World 3 PS1 ROM Screenshot 3


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